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Prince of Peace United Methodist Church
1400 Arlington Heights Road
Elk Grove Village, IL  60007

Phone:  (847) 439-0668

Office: (847) 453-4477

Pastor: (847) 453-4122

Preschool: (847) 453-4123


FAX:  (847) 439-0715

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sample-pic9Through the dedication and determination of a few families in 1959, Prince of Peace United Methodist Church of Elk Grove Village became a reality. From the days of meeting in homes, school buildings and even an old farmhouse to the present day as we continue to worship in our church facility, the Prince of Peace church family marches into the new millennium with the same faith and trust in GOD's plan for our lives, our church and our community.

LATE 1959 - A few families living in the rapidly growing Village of EIk Grove gathered to discuss the establishment of a new Methodist Church.

JUNE 19, 1960 - Sixty-one members met at Ridge School to receive their charter from Rev. Berger Dahl, Northern District Superintendent.

SUMMER 1961 - Rev. Raymond Kirk appointed first full-time pastor. A parsonage was purchased; the first building committee was formed.

NOVEMBER 1965 - Five acres of land at the corner of Arlington Heights Road and Devon Avenue were purchased.

NOVEMBER 10, 1966 - A service held at the site.

FEBRUARY 18, 1968 - The first worship service was held in the new church building.

MARCH 3, 1968 - A Consecration Service was conducted in the morning led by B. Thomas Pryor. An afternoon service was led by Rev. Roy Larson, Covenant Methodist Church of Evanston and followed by an Open House. Attendance that day was around 625!

Pastoral Leadership
Rev. Raymond Kirk  1959-1963
Rev. Richard Ferris  1963-1968
Rev. Maynard Beal  1968-1972
Rev. C. Edward Mixon  1972-1976
Rev. J. Peter Lovell  1976-1985
Rev. William Obalil  1985-1994
Rev. Jack Cory  1994-1999
Rev. Bonnie Campbell  1999-2006
Rev. Dr. Hwa-Young Chong  2006-2011

Rev. Cerna Castro Rand  2011-Present